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The Riverstones Fine Jewellery website is powered by the innovative EPoS system from Intelligent Retail. Specialising in retail multichannel EPoS systems for independent retailers, Intelligent Retail is at the forefront of development and as a pioneering EPoS supplier has received many awards including Best SME Retailer at the Retail Systems Awards.

Since 2003, Intelligent Retail have been creating integrated functionality out of the box, with a central stock management system that allows the retailer to control stock on all selling channels from one place. The sales from different channels come into the shop till and adjust the stock levels from the central stock tree, saving the retailer time that would normally be spent juggling multiple selling channels (such as eBay, Amazon, own website etc) and preventing overselling.

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system is also very flexible and offers retailers a variety of features to suit their business needs. The till software has many abilities including in-store PoS systems, eCommerce, mail order, telephone orders as well as online marketplaces. To view more information about the till software, including an overview of the functionality, take a look at the informational website tillsoftware.com

If you would like to know more about the leading EPoS supplier Intelligent Retail and the Connect EPoS system, then call on 0845 680 0126 or email enquiries@intelligentretail.co.uk

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